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Hidden Motives - 10 days to go.

Hidden Motives. 10 days to go.

We’ve just had a look through of the film progression so far all is going well with the odd one or too changes in editing and filming. Were looking really forward to seeing it on the big screen! We hope to see a huge turn out at Apollo Cinema on the 14th June, we’ve put a lot of work and effort into what were doing (: Of course i think most of the cast and directors and what not would agree it has been very stressful making sure were all ready! But with only 10 days to go the nerves are shooting up! 

If anyone is interested in attending all the details are given.
Were be having two showings in the morning.
10am and 11am.

Anyone needing directions or want to just ask a question don’t hesitate to contact us on tumblr, facebook, twitter or at our email -

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